Tilt-Turn Windows?

quickclaudeOctober 12, 2009

We're looking at tilt & turn windows to replace the double panes in our home. The only trouble is that it's difficult to find options in order to comparison shop.

It looks like the only brand available in Chicagoland is Rehau, although I was told by one window company that Marvin offers aluminum clad tilt-turns for an average of $2k apiece. Ouch. The Rehau vinyl windows are built from European parts by local manufacturers, so Rehau designs and manufactures the vinyl and hardware but not the windows themselves. I'm unsure of that factor, but the showroom samples feel much heavier-duty and sturdy than the vinyl casements we've seen, and they run less than $400 apiece, which is in our budget.

But I'd hate to select a window brand simply because it's the only one available, not knowing whether it's any good. Anyone have experience with Rehau or with other brands of tilt-turns we could consider?

Any thoughts or recommendations are appreciated. Thank you!

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I put a large Marvin tilt turn window in my old house. I really liked it (as I had learned to in Germany). Although they are expensive you do get the huge uninterrupted opening and the hopper ventilation. Of course you need to be sure that you have the space to inswing and have them properly installed so that they can open all the way (like a door).

I am considering some for my current house and am wary of vinyl windows (even German ones). I also am curious if others have the vinyl.

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