Smalti I wish I could buy - anyone interested?

silvamaeOctober 18, 2009

This lady in New York has 330 pounds of Italian smalti for sale and she wants to sell it all together in one lot for $4,500. From my research this is a really good price. I wish I could buy it; I love smalti but it's sooo expensive. If I win the lottery, I am driving to Vancouver, WA to buy up the rest of that specialty stained glass I love so much, and then I'm gonna swing around to New York and buy the smalti. If anyone is interested in the smalti, just post on here that you are, and I will post her contact information.

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SILVA: I don't know if you've checked out Wit's End's smalti, but the price is far less than what this lady is selling. For example, the irridescent smalti is about $23.00/lb., and the above lady is selling for about $130. Not sure what kind is, but have you shopped around? Theirs may be Mexican instead of Italian, but GEESH - that $4,500 seems a bit high to me.

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When I tried to figure it up, I got that she was selling for under $14 per pound, whereas it's usually an average of $22 per pound. And it is the beautiful Italian stuff. She has 330 pounds.

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Oh, good grief. I never was good at math. That's a real bargain, then. Go get it. When I bought the gold irregulars from Wits End, I really like it, but I'm too stingy to spend the money on smalti. Not sure I'd like working with it entirely on a project cuz I like the grouted look. W/be interesting to see how you, a real artist, use it.

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It's a huge bargain. And I love smalti. I know it's usually ungrouted but I always grout mine. Shoot, I don't have an extra $4,500 (plus freight from New York to Texas) but I thought maybe someone on this board would want it and have the moola to buy it. Sigh. If I win the lottery THEN I will buy it if it's still available.

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