Casement vs. Sliding windows?

nikkidanOctober 24, 2011

We are building a new home...we know NOTHING about windows. Our house is 2 story, covered porch on front and back. Kids rooms are upstairs.

What are some pros and cons regarding casement windows or sliders/gliders?

We have sliders now, and I don't like how dust can build up in the channels. I'm nervous about casement in case the kids leave a window open on a very windy day, and also maintenance as far as the cranks. Another thing with casements, on our covered porches, I don't know that it would be a good idea to have windows that open out in an area that people would be walking by.

I've heard that casements are good because when the wind blows in the wintertime the window will just seal that much better with the wind blowing on it.

Is Vinyl the way to go? We've been told by our contractor that he usually uses Anderson or Hayfield (Minnesota) windows.

What about cleaning? I don't want to have to be up on a ladder to clean the 2nd story windows.

Any info or suggestions you have for me would be greatly appreciated!

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I prefer casements to sliders. Sliders as a type of window have higher air infiltration than any other type. Casements have the lowest. Cleaning casements is easy as most offset 90 degrees when fully opened. Sliders require you lift the entire sash out of the track and set it on the floor unless you purchase a swing slider.

If you go with vinyl, make sure you go with a quality vinyl window. The cheaper ones will fall apart in a short period of time. I would look at Sunrise, Okna and Softlite if you are looking for high quality vinyl window.

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