Can i do it - Chairside table

vlmedaJuly 26, 2007


i am really amateur, never done anything with wood other than assembling store bought furniture. i was wondering if i will be able to make a chairside table which i loved it so much.

i want to add a rack so that i can keep books. what do i need. how difficult will it be. any help, suggestions are welcome.

the first one from levenger is the one i liked so much.


Here is a link that might be useful: Levenger Chairside Table

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Go for it Velmeda. Thats how we learn; by doing. So what if it isnt perfect? You will improve with each project. It can be the start of a great pastime. Have fun.

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What tools do you have?

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Which do you want more - the table, or a new hobby? If you just want a table, it will be much cheaper to buy it.

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what tools do i need. i am willing to buy what is needed.

if i figure out the dimensions can i ask a place like home depot to cut the lumber for me

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I think this might be considerably more complicated than you're imagining. Are you hoping to build a decently finished piece similar to the one Levenger sells, or are you thinking of a rough, utilitarian piece that only loosely resembles it? Tightening screws on RTA furniture is a far cry from building from scratch.

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You will need at a minimum, several tools---a table saw, jointer, planer, band saw, drill press, two sanders, several good bar clamps and woodworking chisels. Those tools, of sufficient quality to be able to produce parts for a table like that will cost over $2000.

You will need to know how to glue pieces together for the top and shelf and make mortise and tenon joints. You will mneed to know staining and finishing.

You could use hand tools---non powered saws, planes, sanders, and drills---but purchasing those would cost several hundred dollars. And you would still need the clamps and knowledge to use the hand tools.

Making that table is not an impossible task, but it makes no sense to buy tools to make just one or two of them.

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I've seen some beautiful work done with a block plane and a hand saw. Its all in what you are determined to do.

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Wow, you have advice all over the place. I'd say the first thing you need is a little knowledge. You will get this first by doing a little reading (or someone to teach you), and second by jumping in and trying. Having a few or all the tools won't be much good if you don't know how to use them and how to design and build.

First thing to learn: "Having Home Depot cut them to size," is not the best idea.

Here is a link that might be useful: ICanDoThat ebook

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Just occurred to me -- another option would be to find an adult education class where you can work on your own project and get guidance and access to tools. If you can only find one that does a class project, that might fill in some of the basics.

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