Painted Strandboard Substrate

gardencroneOctober 31, 2009

Duh. Well, I thought I would ask BEFORE I started....but I couldn't wait. My DH made a box to contain our lawn mower (not enough room in the garage with my junk) out of strandboard which he got from the dumpsters at construction sites. He painted two coats of KILZ inside, outside and edges and I am doing a mosaic on it. I am using thinset and then will grout it. Do you think the strandboard will be a problem? Any thought. Thanks.

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I hate to be a bearer of bad news, GARDEN, but strandboard is made up of wood chips and glue. You preparations w/save it for awhile, but eventually the board w/expand in the weather. I bought a 4X8 sheet of the OSB yesterday for an inside art project - making/mosaicing a frame for a watercolor my DGD painted. Your thinset is the proper adhesive for outside. You'll get some time, I imagine, to enjoy your work, but it won't last a long time. I mosaiced a cedar pedestal, using thinset, about four yrs. ago, and it is showing no sign of deterioration, but I wouldn't use anything other than cedar for outside wood projects.

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I would go get a pc of cement board to screw on it, or screw some wire lathe on it, and skim coat itwith mortar/concrete, then mosaic...would that work for you?

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Well, thank you both...! I think I asked the question even tho I knew the answer...just in case I was wrong and hoping against hope that I was wrong. Calamity...great idea to put cement board on it and slowmedown I think you are right. I will have some time with it and then like a rose or an iris it will be gone. Lesson learned, but I have started and will hope it will last long enough to enjoy the result. Great thing is, I have not worked with flooring tile etc. so I am learning a lot. Having fun. Taking lots of advil cuz I guess I am out of What a surprise. Next time I will make sure I don't put lots of work into a sinking ship, but I appreciate your words, cuz next time I will know (for sure) better. Many thanks.

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We're all learning here. :)
I'd love to see a picture of your Work in Progress!

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