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rockford_robbieOctober 29, 2010

I've been away from the stained glass craft for almost twenty years and I've decided to start up again. I've got a small Glastar grinder that I remember it would get bogged down quite easily when grinding an edge. I'm thinking it needs replacement since I can no longer remove the wheel from the shaft. Now I see a couple grinders made by Gryphon, one, (the Twister) has a base that can be twisted to work at an angle and a jet of water is fed directly onto the wheel. The other, (Studio) has a 1/5HP motor which is significantly more powerful than the competition and it uses a gravity type cooling system. Both of these grinders seem to have some good features. However, I'm reading a lot of negative feedback about the Gryphon grinders. Does anyone have any experience with these models that could collaborate these negative reports? A local retailer also mentioned the Gryphon units had problems and he was trying to push the Glastar AllStar at $235. Any comments would be appreciated.

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I have used only an Inland grinder for 20 years. I have had no problems with the units. Be careful when a shop pushes a certain unit. Sometimes they are just trying to get rid of inventory. I learn a lesson on that when I bought my first saw.

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i have a gryphon studio and have had no problems..i am thinking about buying the little gryphette to take to class,, on another note,, gryphon has wonderful customer service,,so if you have a problem they take care of it. at least that has been my experience with the company, i had problem with a glasscutter (which i love love love) and they replaced it immediately

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Have a friend who has a gryphette and likes it a lot. I have also read from some stained glass people-who grind a lot-that they have had Inlands that have lasted for 17 + years-and I have heard that more than one place. I have never heard any negatives about the gryphons.

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