Wood Epoxy drillable??

pliantJuly 3, 2008

I've used Abatron wood epoxy on several projects but have avoided anything that requires nailing or drilling. I really like the product so far, but now I want to fill a gap in a door, drill a hole for a door knob, and then fasten with screws. Material about the product states that one can sand it and so on, but it's vague about using screws. Anyone have advice??

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Was just thinking, what about using bondo (automobile body filler) to fill the gap and drill it?

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naw man, what you need is a hardening wood filler, it looks ugly but it definately does the job, if you find a good stainable one you may not even notice its there provided the spot is small enough, Ive used one from minwax in the past that i really liked

im posting a link to website with some video tips

Here is a link that might be useful: minwax wood filler

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Abatron filler will take screws, but you must pre-drill with an appropriately-sized pilot, or it can split out.
Gun-driven finish nails wouldn't need piloting, but hand nails larger than 8's - it would be a good idea to pilot them as well.

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I'll keep the autobody filler and Minwax filler in mind to try in the future, and I will definitely predrill the Abatron! Thanks so much for your responses.

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