Had to remove part of my subfloor, now I have NO idea what to do

amateurplumberJuly 25, 2014

Hey all...I am remodeling my shower and have run into a problem. The subfloor was rotted so I removed it and am adding a new subfloor. I bought the plywood, and planned to put a nailing edge on the left and right sides where the old plywood sticks out slightly to put the new plywood on.

HOWEVER, I am worried about the left and right walls. Since I've cut the plywood, I am worried that they dont have enough support. Underneath them is just an empty space; the joists to the left and right side of the left and right walls, respectively, are a few inches away. How can I support the walls better? Here is an image of what I'm talking about (I know the idiots cut the joist to fit the drain; I plan on sistering it): https://i.imgur.com/yXxcZZf.jpg

Thanks SO much!

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Those walls are not load bearing - they only have to hold themselves up.

If you want to feel secure, and especially if you are tiling and need a rigid floor, add some blocking across from joist to joist, using nail-on hangars where you can't get to the ends of the blocking. then put the subfloor back.


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amateurplumber, it is also common courtesy to advise people that you have cross posted this same question in a bunch of subforums.

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