Sneak Preview Window Wip

texasfernOctober 31, 2009

I tend to stick my head in the sand from time to time but in doing that I have been trying to stay sane and work on this window.

Just adding the crash glass to the third pane and it will be finished.

Not going to grout.

I do need suggestions as to how to hand the darn thing tho.

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Wow, it is beautiful! Amazing how different light impacts the look of the glass. I have not done GOG yet so I will not offer advice, but I WILL offer plaudits. Great Job!!!

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OMG Girl!!! It is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! YEE HAW!!!!! Wowsier!!!!!
I love it!!! I gotta get me some windows..Guess I just gotta start looking harder!!!! The light shining through is just breath taking....

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Can't offer any hanging tips but the colours are beautiful, we have a local clean up at the moment where everyone leaves their junk on the road side out the front of their house and the council comes to get it, I am now on the look out for windows!

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That's really the colors! As far as hanging it, I would suggest 2 large hooks into the outside of the window. Not the top piece of the window as the weight will pull the piece out over time. That is how I hang mine. Good luck.

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Wow that is beautiful! I haven't had the guts to start mine yet. Did you use GEII or Lexel for your glue. If you hang it outside, do you have to seal when you don't grout? Hep me.

Donna in Florida

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Texas, I would agree with fldirt about hooks or eye screws to the out side frame. I love this piece. There is so much going on with it that it takes a few minutes to enjoy all the diifferent patterns you have created. I still haven't found a window that isn't going to be costing me an arm yet. People who have these windows know what they have and charge dearly for them.


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GOOD GRIEF!!! Girlie: You sure did a number on this one. It is soooooooo beautiful, and as stated above, has so much going on - keeps the eyes moving all over it. Truly a beautiful piece of work.

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Thanks ya'll/
I[, not planning on haning it outside Donna, and that is a good question and I have no idea! I work with resin from time to time, and do know of someone that resined a window (costly), but I think the hobby resin will yellow over time.
I used both Ge Silicone II and Weldbond (for the crash glass areas).
Thanks Fldirt, I hadn't thought about that. I am planning on putting in the kitchen in front of the patio doors.
I don't normally keep things for myself, but have decided to start.

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That is absolutely beautiful!!

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Way to go gal. This is fantastic. Makes me want to get into my window stash and get busy. I would have to put is outside on my patio so I could see the sun thru it all the time. I like the way you have used a lot of color, that seems to be the way I like it. The color makes it all POP.
I love it.

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It's all finished and a welcome addition to the kitchen patio door area.
Thanks everyone.

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Beautiful! A work of art. I love it. I know you will enjoy it every day and I'm glad you're keeping it for yourself. That is what I have started to do, make things for myself to keep.

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