Simonton hopper window questions

james_007October 2, 2011

Simonton has three lines of hopper window to the public:

1. Prism by Simonton, Platinum;

2. Simonton Reflections, 5500;

3. VantagePointe - The Home Depot;

Because I want to install those small basement hopper windows by myself, I may not be able to get VantagePointe windows from HD. So I have few questions for experts here about those vinyl basement windows:

1. For above Reflection line and Prism line, which one is good for me? I am a homeowner in Boston area.

2. My openings are 32"X16" and current installed window sizes are about 31.25"X14.50". I think I can make the openings to 32"x16" again during the process removing the existing windows. My poured concrete basement is not finished yet and it should be no problem with this. So the new window size should be 31.25" x 14.50" again, or 31.25" x 14.75" or, 31.25" x 14.25"? I mean what's size I should tell the dealer when I put the order?

3. If I installed them by myself, do I still have normal warranty as installed by contractor? I am a handyman and I am sure I can install them properly.


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For all intents and purposes...they are all the same window.

Typical cut back deductions for width and height are about 1/4" off the width and the height.

This is certainly something that a handyman skill level can handle.

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