New Construction Windows - Vinyl?

Doug144October 27, 2011

I'm building a new house in CT that will have a lot of windows. I want to make sure that our windows are very energy efficient. After doing some research I found the Okna windows to be one of the most efficient. We're friends with a couple of builders and they are recommending aluminum clad wood windows. They seem to be negative on the vinyl windows. For price and efficiency it seems like the Okna 5500 new construction windows with the triple glass and krypton gas are a no brainer. The window dealer said we should have our carpenter make the wood extension jams. The carpenter is saying that's crazy have the manufacturer put them on the window. So now we are worried about proper installation. Are the vinyl windows like Okna better suited for replacement windows? What should I do? Go with Okna or go with wood windows made by Hurd or Anderson? I would really appreciate some professional advice.

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Unfortunately builders wouldn't know an energy efficient window if it him em in the head. High grade vinyl actually has better structural ratings than any wood window out there. Why wouldn't an installer want the extension jamb attached tom the window?

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I have always been a traditional wood window guy myself. However after reading windowsonwashington, skydawggy and various other proponents of vinyl and doing my own research I would have no problem today having them installed in my own home. They would only be a high quality vinyl window as I have come to understand the benefits of quality vinyl and the pitfalls of junk and would not at all be afraid to recommend the Gorrels, Okna, Sunrise and Polaris's of the world.

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Thank you mmarse1 and millworkman. Mmarse, you confirmed my belief that most builders are just not familiar with vinyl windows and their benefits. To be clear, the installer wants the extension jam attached and doesn't want to build the jams for each window. Millworkman, do you have a preference amongst the brands you mentioned?

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Can anyone tell me if I'm getting fair pricing? For an Okna new construction standard double hung I was quoted $333 +$120 to add 3 glass and krypton gas. This does not include installation or the extension jam.

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What size and other options?

I would ask for a triple pane argon price as well. The Krypton is very expensive right now and you get a very efficient (u-factor 0.19) out of triple argon deluxe package.

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Thanks for the advice WOW. The size is 37.46 x 56.62. New construction double hung. Pricing is $333 +$85 for triple argon or +$120 for triple krypton. I have a call into the dealer for pricing on the extension jams. Are there any other options I should look into?

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Deluxe would be my only other recommendation.

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Thanks. Do you think the pricing is good?

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It is impossible to say what company to company pays for their product or what the cost of doing business in a give locale is.

That price does not seem to be out of phase with a good triple pane argon window.

That being said, I would absolutely require the factory applied extension jambs as part of the deal.

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