What glue sticks to a polyurethane finish?

franksmom_2010July 2, 2011

Hello woodworking folks!

I'm working on a craft project, and need to glue some leather to a wooden box with a poly finish. I have available: Elmer's Glue All, E600, Elmer's Wood Glue, Titebond liquid hide glue, Gorilla glue, and Superglue.

Please, I know that glueing leather strips to a poly finish box isn't a true craftsman type of thing, but like I said, this is a craft project. It's a pirate treasure chest. For a doll. Don't judge me.

Any ideas?

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Glue-All, Liquid Hide Glue, and Wood glue will not work. Gorilla glue would need clamping in place to have any chance.

Of the remaining, I would probably look at the e600 first. But the real answer would be to run a trial on something other than your project.

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superglue, FTW!

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Thanks so much!! You guys are the best!

I have one tiny bit of poly finish left to do, so I think I'll brush it on a few popcicle sticks to practice with.

I'm pretty sure the Superglue would work, but there's just no open time or margin of error at all with that stuff, and this is a very tiny project, so I have a feeling it'll take some fiddling with.

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Your best bet would be to put all those glues aside and get some contact cement. Brush the contact cement on both the wood and the leather and let it set till it is tacky, then touch it together voila's..it's stuck forever

You can get a small 2oz bottle of contact cement in any hardware, home supply or craft shop.

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Rubber cement or a hot glue gun would probably work just as well and likely be reversible; come back off without harming the box, in case pirates ever go out of style.
What ever happened to mucilage?

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