All vinyl Softlite or Sunrise vs vinyl clad Anderson 200

lexmomof3October 29, 2012

My builder spec'd Anderson 200. Initially, I was planning to upgrade to Marvin Integrity but have since found out that a spec home builder is coming into the neighborhood and building about 15 homes (many of these on our street). We're still planning to build our custom home and don't plan to move for about 15 years but want to keep in mind that we don't want to over do it on high(er) end features when the house down the street will have builder grade materials. So, for the windows, I'm thinking better grade vinyl. I will have plantation shutters (inside) so I don't think the fact that they are vinyl will be notice inside and from what I can tell, the vinyl clad vs all vinyl windows don't look that much different from the outside. I have't price checked yet but I am thinking that a better grade vinyl will be in the ball park of the Anderson 200? Is that correct? Also, Okna isn't sold in my area and Softlite is sold by a dealer that doesn't install many of the softlite but does have one replacement display. they mostly sell Atrium. We are doing new construction. I've contacted Sunrise for a dealer location and waiting for them to get back to me. So, what are your thoughts on the Anderson 200s vs Sunrise (if I can get them in my area) and the Softlites? I can also get Siminton. Are these vinyls better than the Anderson 200s?

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Windows on Washington Ltd

The Andersen 200 isn't a bad window actually.

I prefer the Integrity and find that most times, the prices are comparable.

Where is the home located?

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Thanks WoW. We are in central SC. So would you recommend the Anderson 200s over the Softlite?

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Not necessarily. The Soft-lite is a great windowband if you don't mind vinyl, go for it. It is a better performing and warranty protected unit.

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No comparison. AW 200 all the way.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

No comparison in what way? Performance, looks, warranty, air infiltration, etc?

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I think jumpy prefers pretty much anything that is wood over vinyl regardless of performance numbers. I prefer Softlite in the vinyl options.Your best bet is to do what you're doing and get some more quotes to help you decide.

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That and in my opinion be leery of the guy you were talking to who sells but does not install Softlite and uses Atrium as his window of choice as that window is not generally regarded as a quality product.

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+1 to MWM's post.
On product choice, the first thing that you really should do is figure out which material is going to best match your goals for the project. As WoW alluded to above, a premium vinyl choice like Softlite, Sunrise, Okna, etc will offer tremendous value with better measurable performance, warranty, etc. That said, many people require the rich appearance of a wood product. Ultimately you are sacrificing a little bit one way or the other. In my experience, most folks are open to vinyl options end up going that route at the end of the day.

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Thanks for all of the input. It's just so confusing and I'm trying to get a good product that is also a good value without sacrificing appearance from the outside. From what I can see from looking at pictures, driving by houses, I can't really tell the difference from the outside which are vinyl and which are aluminum clad. Please tell me if I am incorrect because maybe I just don't know what to look for. I can tell which ones have the cheap looking flat grills and I want contoured grills and a softer white rather than the stark white. I have plantation shutters in all of my windows now and plan to put them in all of the windows in the new home so the window frames won't be visible from the inside. If I weren't doing plantation shutters inside, I would definitely do a clad with wood interior. Thanks again. Appearance from the outside is important to me so please advise if vinyl (softlite) looks different than the Anderson 200.

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You will find some difference in appearance from the exterior, however not necessarily better or worse either way. A wood clad product has an appearance advantage on the interior, but vinyl vs aluminum, fiberglass, etc on the exterior is a horse a piece IMO. The higher end vinyls have the softer "painter's white" which will be very close to what you get on a clad product. On the grilles, you can do the contoured, or even an sdl (surface mounted) for a richer look. Another option is full screens which is most common on wood windows.

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We are going through similar process in NC. We are looking at MGM all vinyl windows model 8010. Anyone have any experience with them?

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Quality vinyl such as the aforementioned brands go very well in older homes and also offer much better performance/ structural ratings than wood. You need to use higher end brands and its Money well spent.

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