Help spruce up tired building

legomom23August 15, 2014

I am looking for a paint color for this building. The roof stays. The awning can go unless there's some magic color that ties them together! It's a large retail building so I'm thinking darker. I tried this color on the left but it ended up drying too gray. The roof has a lot of red that's throwing me off. Any and all suggestions welcomed.

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A retail building? What kind of business is it?

Will there be any signage?

How far does the building extend, out of the photo to the right?

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If this is a place that YOU will have a businessâ¦
I would consult with a muralist in your area first. If you do not know of any sometimes your nearest Benjamin Moore or SW will have some names you can look up online to see their work. A mural window and or theme to go along with the retail inside would look great. You would not have to mural the whole thing and could paint around it. Sometimes the prices are reasonable; you just have to look around.
It needs some character other than just one new color. Or, two large planters on each side of the door.

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BM Nantucket Gray is a nice exterior color, but not sure it would go with the awning.

Some MUCH larger light fixtures might look good too.

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This is actually a side of the building, the signage is on the front (which is a 90 degree angle to the right of this part) and I was trying to keep it anonymous.
It is a flooring retail building. It extends far back in a warehouse type of building. I agree it could use more than just paint:) But that's what I'm working on for now.

The color up there to sample is BM briarcliff, but it went too gray once dried and didn't appear to go with the roof at all.

And yes it is a place I work, so I am helping with ideas to spruce it up a bit.

Thanks for the ideas so far.

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Paint it black with a large white rectangle around the front door .....

.... Leave the awning!!! Its draws the eye of the viewer!

.... Add tall large square black garden pots in black by each side of the front door -- fill with tall ornamental grasses .....

... large black front door mat .....

....add signage ...... and a street address sign by the door ... with number and street .....

... yes .... if possible .... switch to VERY large black lanterns on each side of the door

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Benjamin Moore Wenge, a very dark/brown raisin color. Striking, and it goes great with turquoise, and it will work with the red in the roof as well.

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Interesting choices with the black and Wenge. I would not have considered going that dark. That is something to look into for sure. The building is very large since it also houses a warehouse so I have the curb appeal issue and then the warehouse blank windowless wall issues.
Thanks for the ideas and thoughts!

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If that wall gets a lot of sun, the Wenge will look great with the black of the door and overhang. If it doesn't, I'd scrap the Wenge if you can't paint the door trim, which presumably you cannot do, or put new doors in with a cream trim.

Agree with the others re: putting up much larger lamps.

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Another example of the Wenge. Such a pretty, yet understated color, IMO.

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Yes -- Wenge is another wonderful color!

The idea of color -- and its placement -- is to direct the customer right to your business -- and then to the door .....

Soooo ... if you choose a darker color BUT leave a large white rectangle around the door to highlight it -- that sharp contrast will instantly grab the viewer's attention .....

You could even consider doing fun shapes like leaving more white squares or rectangles along the wall to highlight shopping information or signage or even advertising like slogans ....

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