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amsol4513October 13, 2010

Help! We built a house this past year, and I have finally gotten around to cleaning them. I have had replacement windows in the past (Harvey, Home Depot) that were so easy to tilt. These windows are horrible to clean! First, there are flimsy plastic clips that are supposed to slide down and click to get the bottom window to tilt. Well, out of the 6 windows I have tried to clean so far, only 1 clip has actually worked. I had to have my builder come back and force the clips to click. My new problem is getting the top window to stay up when I am done. Two of my windows will not stay up unless I lock the window, which means that I cannot open these windows. Has anyone had these issues, or are my windows lemons? Amy

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You are probably still within the factory labor warranty so have the builder contact Andersen or your dealer to assist you.

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The plastic wedge pieces that slide for the lower sash can be tough to activate, I would verify that the windows are installed correctly meaning plumb, level and square. If not installed correctly this can make the wedges even more difficult to operate. As far as the top sash, I feel what the problem maybe is that the pins on the lower corners of the upper sash are not seated properly in the shoes in the track which would mean there was nothing to hold the sash up.

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