Sanding off one coat oil-based paint from original 1932 woodwork

RosalieRosieJuly 13, 2013

Can it be done? Another room has two coats. Can I sand that, too?

Can original 1932, worn, stain and gloss on stair treads be sanded off?

What about the backs of each stair? They're in pretty good shape. I want to re-stain the treads to the original color.

Any ideas or experiences?

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Put down the sandpaper and step away from the sander.

Please, use a chemical stripper and save the glory of that old wood. You will go through a lot of time and sandpaper, risk destroying patina and detail, and not get a very good job with your plan.

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Ya know, you're right. I thought with the door frame and runner sides being straight, I could at least get away with that. But the treads have a detail that I don't want to sand down.

Thanks for the traffic stop, Bob's Nephew. lol

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Not to mention that original paint likely contains lead. Not something you want to be sanding without the appropriate precautions.

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Either way is going to be hard. Yep - 'Chemicals R Us'. lol

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IF the original layer was shellac (is it?l) it and the paint layer over it comes off very easily with a heat gun - melts off like butter. then, use the alcohol and steel wool to remove residue. btw thats how y ou can tell its shellac - dissolves in alcohol. If you have a whole house full of woodwork its worth investing in a good heat gun with adjustable heat level - or infra red stripper (i havent tried those). Lead paint chips can be dealt with safely, use n100 mask.

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