gorrell or polaris

duk748October 15, 2011

hello - i have finally come down to 2 companies - gorrell or polaris after reading through most of the posts here - i need just one other thing that would separate these 2 & i will be going w/ that one - thank you for all your help

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Both are pretty good windows.Base your decision on the company you think will do the best install.

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What models are you comparing inside of each brand. That will have much to do with what the recommendations are.

Ex. If you are comparing the 5300 to the ValuSmart from Polaris, the Gorell gets the nod. If you are comparing the UltraWeld to the 5100, the Polaris gets the nod there.

Both are good companies though as sky mentioned.

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hello again & thank you for the replies - it would be the top of the line in each case - i am leaning towards the polaris becuse i have not heard much mentioned about regency windows (nearest gorrell dealer to me) as an installer or how they compare in price to the polaris - the polaris dealer is a small firm that has its own installers & no sub contractors - thank you again

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The a polaris ultra is a solid product..very well designed. And very energy efficient. That's my personal choice but either would make you happy.

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UltraWeld gets the nod in my opinion as well.

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