Extending table surface area

oldalgebraJuly 8, 2007

We have recently be given a series of box tickets to the Hollywood Bowl. I love the prior-to-show picnic. On opppsite sides of the box, there are 2 foot by 2 foot pop-up tables on which to serve and eat food for four people. When in use, these tables have about an 11 inch gap separating them. It would be useful to place a single thin board stretching across both tables and bridging the gap, so that one could place serving pieces on the table, instead of at our feet. The problem is, one cannot be lugging in a 58 by 24 inch piece of plywood, along with dinner for four, into the Bowl.

I have imagined using a two 27 inch by 24 inch pices of playwood, joined together by a piano hinge. I see two problems with this. It would be weighty. In addition, the piano hinge would have to be on top of the table and would not allow bowls of bottles to be set down in the area.

Can anyone think of a lighter material to use, and can anyone think of a more useful design? Thank you.

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A 15" x 24" piece of 1/4" masonite would fill the gap with 2" to overlap each table. Mount a couple of 11" 1x2s on the underside, with an end of each abutting each of the two tables, to add rigidity and to keep the insert from shifting. This will give you two 1/4" ridges to avoid but will be compact and light weight.

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Brillant! Thanks so much.

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