I need some help on Light circuit outage.

GoofyYnoApril 12, 2012


I live in a ten year old house with a courtyard in the middle. all of a sudden, the 4 outdoor lights stopped working last week. I did the following without help: re-set the GFI, checked the circuit breaker, and replaced the bulbs. I use a multimeter on all four light sockets- no juice. I also did it on all four wall switches- all were fine. there is an outlet on the same gfi circuit, which is working fine.

is there something else I should do, or is it time to call in the calvary?

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If you have power to part of the circuit, then that rules out the breaker and I'd suspect you have a loose connection somewhere. After that it is a box by box check until you find the problem. Did you check for power from hot to neutral or hot to ground (or both). A lack of power from hot to neutral but power from hot to ground would indicate a problem with the neutral line. A lack of power checked both hot to neutral and hot to ground would indicate a problem with the hot line.

"Back stab" receptacles are frequent culprits. Replace or rewire any you might find.

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Thanks mike,
I did not check both, so I was going to do that this evening, when low and behold, they worked. Maybe there was a loose wire in one of the switches which I tightened up?

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