Finish on IPE

scd8418July 16, 2007

Does anyone have a recommendation for a finish for IPE? I want something natural that will last.

Here is a link that might be useful: for tool information.

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Ipe is quite enduring as is. Someone I know left it as is and after 4 years had to finally sand off the grey caused by UV.

Some ditrsibutors recommend a "light oil" which will also darken and improve its appearance. I don't know a particular product name, but if you qoogle Ipe it will show several distributor sites that may have a product listed. Boiled linseed oil MIGHT work, but I think it would be broken down by UV light.

Don't bother with spar varnish, or any film type poly, etc. Given the high oil content of ipe they'll peel off in no time.

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It is unclear whether the ipe will be indoors or outdoors. If it is to be outdoors, such as some sort of deck furniture, then the recommendation to avoid film-forming finishes is correct.

I have a small metal-framed end table that used to have a pressed-board top with a cowboy-themed image stamped on. Lovely. I made a new top out of several pieces of leftover ipe deck boards, sanded it smooth and finished it with a simple polyurethane (I don't remember whether it was oil-based or water-based) and the finish has lasted (indoors) for several years thus far.

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For outside use, check out a product named Woodzotic. There is a lot of info about it on the Decks forum.

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What does that link have to do with your question?

Methinks you are advertising.

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