Splitting 220 wire for new sub panel.

KenshaloApril 20, 2012

I am going to help my neighbor wire a new shop. Question, There was a Spa installed where the shop is now. My question is there is 220 wiring already there that was for the old Spa, What we want to do is install a new sub panel for the shop, But we don't need 220 volts, How do I split the 220 going into the new sub panel to work three 20 amp breakers.? Would like to get a diagram if possible. Thanks.

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You don't need to "split" the 220. The new sub-panel is fed by a 220 line although you need to remember that the neutral and ground CAN NOT bound at the sub-panel.

The diagram assumes an attached structure. If this is a detached garage, then there will be other rules than come into play.

With all due respect, it sounds like your electrical knowledge is limited. It may be best to hire a licensed electrician.

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Ron Natalie

Unless the spa has a neutral run to it (which would be uncommon) you can't use it to feed a subpanel.

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