Custom muntins for new doors

richard904October 28, 2012

We are in the process of replacing French doors at the back of our detached garage and the side door. Our house has a lot of French doors with a 3x5 colonial style grill with large mutins (1 7/8" wide and 5/8" high). The house was originally built in 1994 by a woman who was an antique expert. The muntin style goes back to 1905 according to the Historic Preservation Education Foundation. Anderson Windows has nothing close to that in their standard products. Marvin Windows apparently in their Signature line can make muntins like that. When I called one of the custom muntin millwork shops, they just laughed at me saying that their widest width is one inch and then commented that "the muntins are so wide that how do you get any light through the window." We are trying - even for our garage - to match the style in the house. The house itself has true separate lites, but we do not care about that since the simulated divided lites would look more than good enough.

Originally I thought I could just get for the two back doors (72" high by 79" wide space) a double set of good quality outward swinging French doors and have custom muntins made, but as noted above the custom muntin millwork shops are not that custom! Maybe Marvin Signature would work. Do you have any similar experience or can you make any suggestions? Thank you.

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That certainly is wide grid.

Be prepared to spend a pretty penny on it. It is a safe bet that anything that custom is going to be a be a premium.

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I just got a note back from my Pella rep. They make a door/window with a 2" grid as one of their standard offerings.

It is probably not as tall but it might get you the look you are going for.

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Vertical = Muntins

Horizontal = Bars

The whole enchilada = grids

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