Replacement window - was the wrong size installed?

semily24October 3, 2012

We recently purchased a 10-year old house with vinyl windows. One window was badly warped and din't operate properly, so yesterday we had it replaced with an aluminum Don Young window. I think the installers brought the wrong size window and tried to cover it up with extra trim. It also isn't hung square - the whole thing is slightly crooked. They're sending someone out today to look at it, but I fear they're just going to say this is how it's supposed to be. I'm hoping the more educated people here can help me get knowledgeable!

The opening is 46.75" x 58.5". The existing frame (not sure if that's the right term; but I mean the outer rim of the window) was very narrow, approximately 1/2".

The invoice says they replaced it with a 44" x 56" window. However, when I measure just the new window it is 41.5" wide. Then there's 2.25" - 2.75" of trim surrounding it (two layers, one that looks like a typical casement/frame for the window to rest in and then another wide, ribbed piece that looks like it's filling a gap). The trim goes from narrow to wider on the left side, and wider to narrower on the right.

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What type and material window was in there before? Was it a drywall return?

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at first glance it looks fine to me. the extra trim is a common upgrade with drywall returns.
as far as being out of square, its very likely that the actual opening itself is out of square and by inserting the window square and plumb, it looks crooked. this happens often but after explaining this to homeowners they understand.

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+1. To determine whether or not the unit is installed square, you can check the reveals. Open each sash slightly, and you should have a consistent gap all the way across.
It is hard to get a great perspective on the other issues from that one pic, but it looks fine from what I can see.

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