Patio door install questions

alexh1000October 15, 2010


Added this to my original thread but no one saw it...

I'd like to replace a slider with a patio door and I may have it done but I'd like to clear up some questions -

My current slider is installed w/o using a nailing fin and there is a stucco bumpout. Based on what you see in the picture, would you specify a replacement unit the same size (96"Hx72"W)?

Some stucco damage is inevitable and that's fine but if I have to rip off the bumpout and/or lots of stucco I may rethink this. I assume when a unit is specified as 96"x72" this is the outside dimensions of the unit. I don't really know what my rough opening size is but I'll pull off the casing to verify at least 1/2" framing clearance all around.

The "jamb" on the current unit is proud of the drywall about 1/2" and the casing trim butts against it. Obviously this is not standard for interior doors/windows. I suppose you can specify the jamb to be whatever width you want so if the jamb is flush with the drywall a standard casing placement (3/16" jamb reveal) could be used?

As you can see from the pic below the bottom track is much narrower than the jamb. A french door will have a threshold more like a standard door. Would you expect that the tile would have to be cut to allow for a wider threshold (subfloor is slab)?

None of the websites give much detail on the threshold so I'll have to see one in person to verify.


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Cut a relief kirf in the stucco with a right angle grinder/diamond wheel. That will minimize the cracking around the edges and give you a nice clean finished line.

Set the new unit in place.

Spray foam the perimeter.

Caulk right to stucco if the kirf was cut close or install Azek filler strip/stop and caulk to that.

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I just looked at my Pella patio door (currently in the garage awaiting install.

Yes, it appears you'll want to cut the tile; I'd hold off till the door arrives. You'll want to insure the heigth of your R.O. will be correct and think about the heigth of the tile as it butts up to the threshold - I will be installing the door on top of 1/2" Durarock to insure a clean tile/threshold mate.

Yes; you can order jambs in virtually any reasonable width to accomodate a clean casing job inside.

Pay atention to the install and flashing and enjoy your new door.

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