Painting Cabinets: Favorite videos or how-to instructions?

pranagirlJuly 28, 2014

I'm a bit scared to start painting our cabinets because I want them to look really smooth. These are old cabinets that I'm painting for a better look until we have enough saved for an entire kitchen remodel.

We've sanded and primed. Next step is painting and I've never done this before. Do you have any suggested videos or how-to sites that you really like for simple step-by-step instructions on painting cabinets? (I've watched plenty through basic searching.)

Or you can just wish me luck to boost my confidence. ;)

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If they are smooth after priming, the next thing you have to consider are your choice of paint and choice of brush( assuming you will be brushing and not spraying)

It used to be you could choose between oil and latex paint. Now there is a new product in the mix- oil modified,which are products that clean up with soap and water yet level out like oil....or sort of. They are not going to level out as well as an oil based enamel, but for people that don't want to deal with the smell and clean up oil paint involves, they are a nice option. I like Ben Moore's Advance Paint, in satin finish for millwork and cabinets. There are others but that's one I've used and like.

One thing- even though the advance paint dries to the touch fairly quickly, you should wait a day in between coats. This makes a huge difference to get the best laying finish. You should also invest in a high quality brush like a Purdy Brand. For latex paints and the oil modified paints, you use a synthetic bristle brush. For oil paint you use a china bristle brush. Make sure you clean the brush well with soap and water.

You can roll the large areas of the panels if you choose, but I personally don't like to do that and prefer to just brush carefully. If you roll, I like short nap mohair rollers (sherwin williams has ones I like). I don't like foam rollers, which leave small bubbles.

Remember that you should start with a smooth, clean surface...if you have brush strokes from your primer you will still have them under your top coats.

Sometimes I like the paint cabinets in I'll do the surrounds or the recessed parts with a small brush and come back another time with a larger brush to handle the larger centers. My kitchen cabinets were classic raised panel style and thats how I handled them. I

good luck!

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oops, double post; deleted.

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