white finish on new bare wood cabinetry how?

klavierJuly 24, 2013

I built a set of cabinets from antique yellow pine. The wife wants them to be white. I don't know what sort of finish is best to produce a white color. I am considering valspare superlac plus which is a white tinted lacquer. I am also looking at bullseye shellac primer with a top coat of clear shellac. I want something that will stay white, and will have superior durability and won't peel where the doors meet. Something I can spray with a siphon feed sprayer is ideal. I usually paint trim work with Kilz original and top with semi-gloss white latex paint, but given the use of the cabinets, I don't want to use a latex paint, or anything that will look thick and tacky like paint usually does on cabinets. Anyone used a shellac or lacquer based white finish?

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I made several bathroom straddle the toilet cabinets with sliding(one set mirrored) doors, open shelves, hinged doors.

I made them using #2 1" by 12" pine from the lumberyard. Which was full of knots and pitch---which bleeds through most primers/paint---especially Kilz.

So, since I did not want the bleed through, or any of the other problems associated with wood and moist environments, I first applied two coats of BIN primer(Zinnser) followed by two coats of white alkyd enamel from Sherwin Williams to all surfaces to include ends and grooves(made wider to accommodate the paint).

Now, the BIN is simple and easy, the alkyd enamel not so easy. I used a brush, spraying would be better.

As for longevity? One is still in use, in a bath 12 years later. No bleed through, no woodrot, no yellowing.

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Maybe "Cabinet Coat" paint would be best here. There are any number of threads discussing it here in this forum.
It does seem odd and a waste that you want to paint antique pine, since it is a premium material and desirable in natural finish.

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â¢Posted by sombreuil_mongrel (My Page) on
Thu, Jul 25, 13 at 8:08
It does seem odd and a waste that you want to paint antique pine, since it is a premium material and desirable in natural finish.
My thoughts exactly!

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I agree it is a waste of beautiful wood, but the wife wants white. I bought 600 board feet of wood salvaged from church pews two years ago. The bottoms were sassafrass and the backs were yellow pine. Not sure why they used two different types if wood, but I guess they just used whatever they had at the turn of the last century. Sassafrass turned out to be pretty useless for my purposes. The wood had gotten so hard with age it would be better cut with a tile saw than a table saw. Burned up the blade on every tool I used.

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