Coloured Stain on Exterior Pine Door

honey_do_thisJuly 15, 2010

After hours of searching for product information and resources I really need advice and help on the best stain available/suitable to apply to a custom made pine door. I want to stain/dye the door a "Muskoka Red" and will then apply a finish coat of spar urethane. I cannot find a suitable product in the colour I want from the usual suppliers such as Minwax, Old Masters, etc. I wonder if a water based stain with a urethane topcoat will hold up to the elements. The door faces west. There seems to be a higher number of colour choices in the water based stains. There is a a small covered

porch roof over the door which will protect it from rain. The door is a curved, "wine cellar" style and was quite expensive so I do not want to make any mistakes. Experienced tips would be greatly appreciated. Also, I live in Ontario, Canada so not as many products available as there are in the U.S.A.

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What you want to do is not a DIY type job. pine is very difficult to stain/dye without splotching and looking really awful. Plus, it sounds as if you will need to mix colors to get the shade/tone you want. Adding to that situation is the added amber tint oil based polyurethane will add to the wood. One coat of spar varnish is not enough, three is the minimum recommended amount. And each coat adds amber tone.

It seems the best way to get what you want is to have a professional do the job.

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