Newbie would like to use wood indoor table for outdoor use

puterputzJuly 2, 2012


I need to replace our table on our deck and am trying to do it inexpensively. I have found a few different sets of indoor dining tables and chairs that are wood. Can I just sand these and use a Kiln sealer and paint to use outdoors?

I don't know if these dining room sets are wood with veneer or what. The deck is covered but we do live in Fl with the high humidity, and although it won't be out in the rain, it is possible in a storm with the wind blowing at the right angle that it may get a little wet.

If I do this, can you give me a rough time frame on how long it will last before needing to be repainted? I have read on the internet that because indoor furniture uses a different glue, that it may not be wise to use outside.

Thanks for your help.


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Most modern tables are veneer over a substrate, generally MDF. So you have a number of failure points:
- Finish not UV or water resistant
- Glue not water resistant
- MDF will irreversibly swell when wet
- Veneer can peel loose
- Wood likely to warp or crack under extreme swings in temperature and humidity.

Without seeing and investigating the particular piece, there's a quite high chance it will be trash within a year.

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