Why is this patio door hard to find?

bcurreyOctober 27, 2011

I live close to Nashville. I need to replace my patio door. I need a right handed, in-swing, CENTER HINGED door. I can't find anyone that carries it. I can only find french doors, and they won't work. I stopped by Home Depot just to see how much they would charge for a basic door (Masonite, I think) to get a general idea of how much a special order door would cost and it was going to $960 (plus $400 for install). I'm surprised I'm having this much trouble as most homes in the area have the door that I have.

Any idea why this is so hard to find?

Here's a link to a door made like I need it, but even this is out of stock everywhere in my area.


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I di believe your first error is where your looking for the door. Try a lumberyard or a "reputable" window and door dealer in your area. This should not be a hard item to find from most manufacturers. It may not be an off the shelf product and 900 to a 1000 dollars does not sound unreasonable to me for such a product in it's basic form (more option = more $). I would personally never purchase doors and or windows from HD or Lowe's unless you know exactly what your buying and can pick it up off their shelf and walk out the door with it. And under no circumstances would I tell them where I lived let alone ask them to install it.

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Have you tried to order it?

HD & Lowes do not stick everything.

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