Anderson, Pella, Harvey, Marvin windows?

mbarstowOctober 4, 2009

Anyone have an opinion of which company makes the best window? We just installed 4 Harvey double-hung windows and are quite pleased with them. But friends also installed 4 new Andersons that look just as good, same price--$400 each (30'' x 52''). If we replace all our windows we are looking at over 30 windows, so it will takes us 3 to 5 years.

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All of these companies make many different window models as does Harvey Industries. It is usually pointless to compare them without choosing specific models. However, if you are interested in general prejudices, I try to avoid Harvey and won't have anything to do with Pella.

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One thing you are going to want to do is double check the warrenties on all the products there is a lot of fine print. All those company state lifetime warrenties but who determines the lifetime. Their lawyers do and tehat is the problem with those companies. 1 biggest exclusion is going to be improper installation. what is your exterior home made of? Brick, t-111 etc etc. this is going to determine what kind of install should be done weather it be finned or finless. if it is going to be a finless then all those companies would not have a warrenty. because the contractor would slice off the fins which is legally considered improper installs

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I replaced my DH windows with inserts last year. Initially I looked at Marvin, Pella, and Andersen and decided that Marvin was the best look/quality. But then I got the price and decided to consider the alternatives. Looked at Harvey but just didn't like the quality of the construction - though they were considerably less money. Ended up going with Andersen and have been happy with them - less money than Marvin and better quality than Harvey.

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Has anyone ever dealt with Plumb Fiberglass Windows and Doors?

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I was curious how you made out with you window replacement decision. I am currently looking at andersen tilt-wash replacement and deciding on 400 or 200 series.

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