replacing andersen narrowline double-hung. Need suggestions

rl28October 17, 2009

I am planning on replacing my alumminum siding with vinyl on my two story NE home and replacing my 20 year old andersen narrowline double-hung windows with a tilt-in model for easier cleaning. I am looking for the best replacement window with a wood interior and vinyl exterior. Need suggestions.

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I like the Marvin wood/Al-clad for a "classic" look. I don't know the age or style of your house. I can't comment on longevity as we've been looking to replace in a Victorian and will probably rebuild in place.

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Why not just replace them with Andersen conversion kits.

Tilt-in,wood interior, fraction of the price of total replacement new 20 year warrenty do it yourself in about 20 minutes??? What's not to like?

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I checked into the conversion kits, even speaking to a very nice rep from Andersen. The average price of a kit window is $300 and you lose alittle glass because the frame is thicker. For around the same money I can buy new construction 200 series windows, due to the fact that I'm replacing the siding. It turns out that my narrowline double-hung windows are really 200 series windows so I'll probably go with the 200 series tilt-wash windows. Thanks though for your suggestion.

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Sorry but 200 tilt are low grade garbage made to compete with the vinyl replacement market...... That is why they need sash locks, otherwise in a breeze the sashes would self tilt.

Once you replace the entire unit including interior trim for the 200's which you wouldn't have to do with conversion kits there can't be but a couple of bucks difference. But the difference in quality is priceless.

Good luck with the 200 tilts unless you have an excellent experienced installer you'll need it.

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Anyone ever hear of Ideal windows out of Bayonne, NJ. Friends of mine have the 4500 series and love them. How about experiences with Simonton 5500 series vinyl windows?

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"Sorry but 200 tilt are low grade garbage"

I agree.

But Andersen makes an all-Fibrex window called the 100 Series that appears to be intended to compete with all-vinyl windows.

The problem with this window and all-vinyl windows is that the double-hungs have smaller upper glass and look like drive-up teller windows. The plastic materials are just not strong enough to mimic a traditional wood window in appearance.

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