? about blades for a wet saw

tigerwiggyOctober 10, 2008

How long should the blade last on a wet saw? I have probably 10 hours of use. The blade still cuts, but the color is chipping off on the plates. The plate pieces aren't chipping, but when I tried to cut some marble floor tile it did chip the tile at the very end of the cut. I was going to try painter's tape on the marble. My wet saw is a $90 one from Lowes, so not top of the line, but blades are $35. The replacement is name brand and may be better quality than the original. My DH got me a new blade, but I haven't been able to make myself open it yet.

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Go ahead and change the blade, save the other for backup. I use the cheaper blades from Harbor Freight and the length of time they last depends on what you are cutting with them. Some tile and dishes dull them quicker than others. Barely push on your stock to cut,do not push hard. Let the saw do the work. You will find this much easier and it will make your saw and blades last longer too.

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Tigerwiggy, your post could have been written by me! I'm getting a lot of chipping too, but on plates. I tried painter's tape, but it came off right away because of the water. I'll be interested to know when you put your new blade on if that solves the problem. Good luck!

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Your blade may need to be "dressed". You'll need a dressing stick for diamond blades. Cutting into the dressing stick exposes new diamonds, making your blade last longer. Google "dressing diamond blade" for more info.

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Hmmmm. Thanks gin gin. I'll look into that for mine, but it always nicked in the first place. Do you think it would still help?

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I'm so bummed. I finally got to try out my new blade today and it was no better. It was better if I pushed the piece I was cutting rather than just barely touching it and letting the blade pull it. I cut on the top side and the bottom side. I cut plates, cups, marble tile and regular ceramic tile. It didn't matter what I cut, although the chips weren't as noticeable on the tile and marble because the finish is different. A problem I had with the marble before changing blades was that the very end of the cut would chip, maybe about 1/8-inch. The new blade is doing the same thing.

I don't know what the problem is. I cut with the original blade several times without any problems. I have plenty of water in the tray, the area around the blade is clean.

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Thanks for remembering to post here when you tried your new blade, Tiger. I am so sorry it didn't work any better for you. Isn't that disappointing? I'm not even using my saw for the same reason. I'm about ready to put it on Craigs List. Did you try tightening your blade down? I had the same trouble with the chipping at the end of the cut too. Did you see a difference in any of the types of cups or plates? I guess it's nippers for you and me. Sigh

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I didn't have chips down the whole pieces, but the plates were worse than the tile/marble, but then the finish was different, they didn't just have surface color.

I did adjust everything that was adjustable and it didn't make a difference.

I have carpal tunnel and have had surgery twice, so nipping is out for me.

My 18-YO and first born has just joined the Army and we are wrapped up in that right now so I don't know when I'll get a chance to play with things again.

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I had the same problem with chipping at the end of a cut.
Harbor freight diamond blade are very thick.
I now use MK blades. They are expensive about $150, but they cut very smoothly with not one chip. Plus a bonus much less noise.
I love to save money, but after using MK blades, I will never use anything else.

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Good to know Frank! Thanks! I believe in good tools for the job and don't mind spending on something if it is gonna help me get the results I want...now that being said...That new super saw by Taurus has me drooling but just can't afford it ...yet....

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