Current thoughts on Jen Weld or Marvin

farmerCPOctober 16, 2012

We are building an addition to our home and the architect is recommending Marvin windows while the builder wants to use Jen Weld. Our last experience with Marvin windows was with an addition we put on in 1988/1989 and that was when they had all the problems. Some older posts of Jen Weld are not favorable either. We would certainly like a quality wood window that will last for many years. Any current thoughts on these products would be greatly appreciated!

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Marvin windows currently are about the best wood window on the market. The issues at the time were caused by the preservative used by Marvin to treat the wood. Marvin made good on this for years (almost to the pint of being out of business) Jeldwen not so much, they purchased 3 mediocre window companies and did nothing more than change the name and the quality is still mediocre at best and I cannot in good conscience recommend their products at all.

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MWM's points are right on. Marvin makes a great wood window.

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Given the current comparison...there is none.

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Unhappy with Jen Weld. Poor customer service. Took over
six weeks to send someone out to look at my problem. A kid with no authority showed up at 7:30am. Then two weeks to tell me they couldn't do anything about it. The problem was that
I ordered bronze color on exterior. The windows are a reddish
brown and bronze is very dark brown that should match our
storm doors and railings in our condo where everyone has
bronze. Condo assoc. not happy with me. As for the windows
they are nothing exceptional.

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Marvin by a mile.

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