Wire type in light fixtures

ionized_gwApril 25, 2012

I have to confess that I have been paying no attention in my reading here to what kind of wires are used in enclosures. If I have to change the wiring inside linear fluorescent fixtures and need more, what type do I buy, THHN solid? Do I have to stay true to the color code since everything will be visible, or can I just buy a spool of one color to save a few bucks?

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Fixture wire is often higher rated for insulation temperature.

This allows for smaller wire siz4es to carry higher currents and run hotter.

The wire should have marking indicating type.

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Hmm, that does not make my life easier. The markings on the wire are not very clear when they exist. The ballast specs indicate that 18 ga is what should be used for up to 18' for remote mounting.

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NEMA covers wiring sizes inside equipment, and wire gauge is based on engineering calculations by the company designing the device.

You will be hard pressed to find a #10 wire inside an electric stove, despite the even larger branch circuit conductors and the breaker feeding the stove.

Short lengths of smaller conductors with higher temperature insulation are very common inside equipment.

Make wire you use the correct voltage rating on the output sides of ballasts also.
They can go way over 120 V (300+ is not uncommon at all).

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The response that I predicted was that the wire should be the same as called for in conduit since think I recall that these enclosures are considered to be equivalent to conduit or junction boxes. Maybe I am wrong in that respect.

Since the ballasts call for 18 ga up to 18 feet away (in conduit or neighboring fixtures), I suppose that that will be adequate for extending wires within the fixture.

The wires that are attached to the GE ballasts are marked with a lot of alphabet soup including:

AWM FT1 105 C 600 V or 90 C 1000 V =F= LF AWM 1316 18 AWG 105 C 600 V 18 AWG or AWM 1452 90 C 100V CSA 213673

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