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willinakOctober 27, 2010

We have a condo with DH windows that need replacement. The location is at 10,000 ft. so the environment is severe. DH's are less efficient and with the frequent afternoon showers have to be closed most of the time. I would much prefer awnings. Since the "look" is DH in most of the condo, except for the semi-basements, which are casement, I would like to retain the DH "look".

Question is, would it work to have fixed over awning, 1 over 1, of equal sizing? Would the mullion be so thick as to look entirely different from a DH? Note: we would not be using screens on either window type.

Is there a manufacturer that has particularrly thin mullions and frames?

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You do not mention how tall the dbl hungs are but if you can get awnings that are the same height, you can use a 2" simulated dived lite bar and make them appear as dbl hungs. Of course they will look similar not exact as this will be one piece of glass on the same plane as opposed to 2 dbl hung sash. I have seen this done many times with casements in upstairs bedrooms to meet the newer egress codes without have to go to a 5'10"(I believe) dbl hung height.

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millworkman, thanks and you are right on the mark. The windows in question are 3-0 X 6-0 RO, so each light would be 3-0 X 3-0.

Looking at Eagle or Marvin's but I think I would want the thinnest frame and mullion to pull it off correctly.

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Be careful. An awning with a crank will not meet the egress code in specified bedrooms. Marvin does make a push out awning that may work but have your window guy calc that for you.

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Simonton makes a Colonial Casement window. It has the look of a double hung.

Here is a link that might be useful: Colonial Casement

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very nice looking windows skydawggy, this was what i meant to refer to(not awnings)

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Thanks Skydawggy, great look w/ the advantages of casement! This is a contemporary style application so the divided lites won't do, but maybe there's an alternative.

eastbay10, egress is covered, using casements in the lower BR's.

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willinak, eliminate the dividers except the center K bar and the unit would look similar to a double hung without dividers

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