What kind of paint for a butcher block table

Shirl_in_TXJuly 10, 2005

I am wanting to paint my butcher block table black and give it a rubbed/worn look. It has been oiled over the years, and I am not sure how to prepare it for painting. Also, should I use an oil base or water base paint? I have never done this before, so your input is very appreciated. Thanks!

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Do you want to paint the table base/legs or the tabletop itself?
If it is the butcher table top-WHY? When a butchers surface needs a facelift, just sand it down and recoat it with mineral oil, Good as new! I have an OLD,OLD butcher's chopping block that I bought at a salvage shop. It was in rough shape. I sanded the greyed, soiled wood away and recoated it with the above mineral oil. It drank in 3 quarts of oil!! The cracks closed up and now it's back in service. The only attention it gets is a coat of mineral oil, now and then.Everyone remarks about how beautiful it is. IF, however, you are determined to paint, you'll need to use real oil paint. Latex and acrylic will never stick or last. Painting butcherblock should be you LAST option, IMNSHO! BTW, mineral oil is food safe and really cheap, like $1.30 a quart. Let us know how it goes. ((*_*))

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