Looking for a glass block someone did

texasfernOctober 18, 2009

I have exhausted myself looking for this.

Someone in just the last couple of months posted a picture of Chief Seattle (Trail of Tears) glass on glass block mosaic.

It wasn't the subject of the thread, I do remember that.

This is one of my mother's favorite "pictures" and I was thinking I would maybe make a mosaic of it for her for Christmas. I was going to ask if I could copy the pattern.

Thanks ya'll.

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Im thinking, it was cindiloo over at carls place and she did it for someone for christmas. I could be wrong and probably am, LOL but thats what popped in my head.

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is that the one with the indian sitting on the horse? called end of the trail or something like that? if so i have the paned expression cd that has that picture on it. look at this and see if its what you want and if so i will send to you


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ummm, ok she did a cow skull light block, maybe that one confooosed me. I do remember what you are talking about though.

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I think Becky did the glass block your talking about.

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Yes, I did this one for my son for Christmas last year. Send me your snail mail address and I will send you a copy.


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Just remembered....The pattern is on a free site. You can go here and download it.



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Thanks everyone.
Wacky, I thought it was Cindi too.
Ohtobedone, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
Becky, thanks so much for the website. How the heck did I miss that one? I downloaded all the patterns I will need for Christmas gifts. Anyone have a site for downloading the energy?
Kathy, I would love to see what is on that disk if you would like to send it. You can email me thru GW.

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