Stair treads are 2'x6' boards-please help DIY

mlraff53July 21, 2008


I am pulling up the carpet on my stairs to refinish them. Unfortunately I peeked underneath and realized that my treads are not one solid piece of wood but instead 2 (2x6) boards. What do I do?

I could try to remove the treads and replace with new ones but I'm afraid of damaging the risers...

Is there something I can cover the current treads with?

Any ideas?

On the hallway upstairs I used Allure Resilient vinyl planks. I thought about using that on the treads but then I would have to put some type of trim on each tread right.

I need help!

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I know I typed 2" x6" but maybe I didn't. sorry.

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Adding anything on top of the treads like plywood, etc... will add to the height of the step and create a potential hazard. Prying up the treads should not damage the risers as long as you do so carefully (ie: don't use a sledgehammer ;-) Once done you can install just about any type of tread you like, just make sure you get the same thickness, a 2"x6" actual thickness is 1 1/2". Any deviation and your top and bottoms will be off, again creating a possible hazard.

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