Stacking/Mulling Large Horizontal 3/0 6/0 Windows

hillcountryviewOctober 3, 2012

I have no doubt that the smartest window people are on this forum and we need help! We are building a new contemporary (lake flato style) home in the Texas Hill Country (near San Antonio). There are a ton of windows and we need a good (not great $$$) window that won't break the bank. Here's the specifics:

1. All windows are horizontal 3/0 6/0 windows, stacked either 3 high or stacked 4 high.

2. Thinnest, simplest profile. Less than 6" in-between windows with 2 windows together.

3. Thermally broken, unpainted wood interior with aluminum exterior.

4. Fixed with some operable. Operable portion: awning or vent

5. Windows made for 2' x 4' (4"-5" deep). The architect will work this out with the trim person.

We have started getting bids from Milgard, Marvin, Kolbe, Lincoln, Fleetwood, Pella, Jeld-Wen, Eagle, Integrity, Hurd.... I am certain the right window package is out there, but we can't seem to find the rep who knows enough to put it together. So far, for set of 3/0 6/0, stacked 3 high with bottom panel tempered is $1200-$1850. We would like to be in the $900-$1000 range.

How can we accomplish this? And if you know any knowledgable window people in the area- please let me know. Thanks!!

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Not sure exactly what you mean by horizonal windows.

If you are looking for double pane glass, I would suggest you look for triple coated LoE with as low a solar gain as possible.

Are you saying you are trying to get 3 quality windows installed for about $300 each?

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Sorry. We're trying to install a single 3'x 6' window; 3 together and 4 together.

3 x 6
3 x 6
3 x 6

The goal is to stay under $1200 for a unit of 3 windows. Guess that makes them "decent" windows.

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Still unclear. What style window, double hung, casement, picture window, awning?

I really doubt you are going to be able to purchase a quality window in that price range. About all you would be able to buy would likely be a mid-grade vinyl. I would not recommend anything low end in the Texas heat.

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I am guessing you are using a 6' wide X 3' high stacked vertically with the bottom glass tempered(if set within 18" of finished floor), with some venting as awning units(will not pass egress in bedrooms), Bronze Aluminum Exterior, 366-Low-E(Argon)? If so, you will never meet your budget with Clad Wood Windows! Would not use Bronze Vinyl in Texas! Bronze Aluminum Thermal-Broken Frame Units will meet your Budget, but, not many available as operating Awning units. What ever you do, use the Lowest SHGC # you can get! Good Luck

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You are correct. We are stacking a single 6 x 3. Some are 3 high and some are 4 high. Bottom window tempered, some operable. I attached a picture that is very similiar. Last bids are in and you're right- it's not going to happen.

Any idea what the most affordable clad window or thermally broken aluminum would be with thinnest and simplest profile? I attached a link for the look of the window.

Here is a link that might be useful: Windows

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Thermally broken aluminum is the look you are wanting. Look at Milgard (anodized frames & great warranty). Several dealers in your area. Fleetwood is very good & has dealers in San Antonio, Austin & Pflugerville. Don Young has dealer in San Antonio (mfg. in Dallas). There are other aluminum Mfg. in Texas, but few, if any make Awning windows. Most awnings have a different look (less visable glass) than the fixed direct set units. It can be a challenge to balance the different look. Please keep us posted on how it is going. Good Luck

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