Tool to trim existing baseboard from side without removing

yung-chengJuly 30, 2008

I plan to remove the existing old 2" door casing with a wider and pretty one. Some carpenter told me that I do not need to remove the existing baseboard to accommodate the wider door casing. I have quite a few door casings

to replace. Thought if I can just trim the existing basebord (next to the new casing) one inch shorter on the end, then I'll have less work to patch the wall and less damage to the baseboard.

1. Is there a tool for this task? By the way, the existing baseboard is stained oak and the new door casing will be MDF.

2. If there is no tool for this, what do you recommend?

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This is what most people use, as far as I'm aware. Get the "Flush cut saw blade" at the bottom of the page.

If you are really good with a saw, you might be able do it with a Japanese-style saw.

Here is a link that might be useful: FMM

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Circus Peanut

Another option is the Fein MultiMaster with a saw cutoff blade.

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That's what I said... see the link.

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To start the cut, tack a small piece of the new casing to the wall and use the edge as a guide for the blade. Once the cut is started the blade follows it easily. The Fein Multimaster is a great tool, but the blades are really $$!

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it can be done with a saw zall also which cost considerably less than the Feim MM.
You just need a sharp blade and a steady hand.

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