I'm back and have a question

texasfernOctober 15, 2008

Alot has been happening around here, I will put some details on the other side, but for now I have a question.

I am doing some mosaics on old fence wood, cedar.

I want to seal the wood for mosaicing since I would like to offer them for indoors and outdoors. I don't want to use thinset unless I absolutely have to.

I tried some deck stuff, and it made the wood dark and left a residue.

I would appreciate suggestions, especially cheap ones.

Missed you guys! \

Now I have to try and catch up!

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Heres a picture of the piece. The colored strip is cut from a cookie tin. I want to create a multimedia piece.

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I like your colored strip, it will look great on the wood. As for sealing ? I'll leave that for the pros. It would be interesting to know what you might use for sealing.

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Hey, TEX: Don't quite understand what you mean by "cut from a cookie tin", and don't understand why you don't want to use thinset. If I were doing that piece, I'd spread thinset on and glue my pieces down, then grout w/thinset. The blue pedestal w/the turbine on top in my album "My Queendom" is a cedar post. It was painted, and I used thinset to glue/grout - about three yrs. ago. Being cedar, it's gonna be there long after I move to Heaven. So, IF I were to advise, it'd be no need to seal - go ahead and thinset your tess to the wood. Anxious to watch this.

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All I can tell you from experience is DO NOT use a deck sealer like Thompson's Waterseal or like that. It has something in it that reacts with the thinset and eventually all will fall off. I found this out the hard way. If you wish to seal, use KILZ latex and seal the wood. Since it is cedar, it probably isn't necessary. You could do a slurry of thinset and paint it on or just thinset to adhere directly to the wood. I like your idea of mixed media and the cookie tin piece is awesome. I hope this has helped? Slow and I swear by cedar.

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Thanks ya'll. I'll go with the thinset. I did use a waterseal on this one, so I'm just going to paint it and put more tin on it.
I have two others I have put together and will mosaic those, hopefully in the next couple of days.

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