stain vs paint pine door

kellyhomeJuly 16, 2010

We just bought a 6 panel pine door (interior), with the initial intention of painting it, but now are having second thoughts. It seems like a crime to paint wood, even pine. I have heard that staining pine is tough though. My question is: do we stain or paint, and what are the pros and cons for each?

I welcome any and all suggestions!! Thanks!

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Pine blotches when stained/dyed unless correctly pretreated. Matching the new color to an existing color is very difficult. After staining/dying, the door would need to be sanded lightly to knock off raised fibers in the wood. At least three coats of poly/varnish are recommended. Poly is very difficult to spot repair. Varnish(non poly varities) are easier.

Primer and paint allows you to easily match an existing paint color if a sample of theb old color is available for matching. Paint is much longer lasting with less maintenance. Much easier to apply. Easier to spot repair.

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I have all stained woodwork in my house - well, not all since it's not done yet. But painting is easier. It's hard to say what you should do without knowing what the rest of your doors and trim look like. I assume they're painted? I wouldn't stain just one door in my house.

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As above, pine can be a very difficult wood to stain well. If you screw it up, it's usually not recoverable, other than switching to paint.

Below is an article with some good photos on pine treatment.

But before I would touch a brush to a new door, I'd run a complete sample board from some lumberyard pine -- sand, stain, and finish. Repeat until the results are pleasing or you decide to go with paint.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Pine Problem

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It is NOT a crime to paint wood. Especially not pine.

The cons of staining pine, well, you've already heard -- it's hard to make it look good because it blotches. The con of painting it is that it's hard to make it look good if it has pesky, pitchy knots.

I've done a clear finish, then glaze, and that was pretty easy and looks good. A very country look though. If I keep the doors to that cabinet, I'm going to paint them.

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