Mounting Vanity Light

ohmmm_gwApril 23, 2010

Working on the guest bath. Trying to mount a new light fixture. Unfortunately, the plumber ran the 1.5" pvc vent pipe right up the middle where the light would mount.

There is no electrical box there currently. There is a stud just to the left of where the wiring comes out of the wall. That is all the slack I have in the cable, just what is sticking out as you see in the photo below.

The base plate for the light is taped to the wall where it needs to go. But there is no way for me to get an electrical box behind there.

Any ideas on how to handle this? The light fixture is only a two light version, not heavy.

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get a fixture with a wide base that will cover an offset box. it looks like the fixture that was taken down would have covered a pancake box with its left side mounted to the stud.

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Does the cable come from above or below? You could use a pancake box if the cable comes from above and will reach. If the cable will not reach then no options. Put it back where it was or replace the cable with longer one.
You can not bury a splice to extend the cable inside the wall.

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The light we want there has already been purchased and has a round base.

The cable comes from below.

There will be a mirror hanging where the wiring is sticking out in the photo. I could mount a box with the splice behind the mirror with easy access to the cover plate. Nobody would see it once the mirror is hung.

Then could I just run the splice lines up into the base of the light fixture and use that as the electrical box for the final connections.

Any problems with that solution?

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If it were me, and since the cable comes from below, I'd go through the back of the vanity and install an easily accessible box down there to make a splice, then run an appropriate length of cable up to a pancake box where you need it.

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The plumbing vent pipe is directly behind where the new cable is pulled out in the below photo. No room for any box at all in that section.

So since a mirror was going up anyway, I installed a box to splice a longer cable up to the light fixture. The box is recessed a bit so the cover plate does not interfere with the mirror. It JUST fit in there with the right side of the box touching the pvc vent pipe and the left side right on the stud.

All the final connections are inside the round base of the light, not in the wall cavity.

Once the mirror is up, none of the work behind it is visible.

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If the mirror hangs on the wall, and can be easily lifted off, I think you're probably fine. If the mirror is going to be mounted permanently to the wall, it wouldn't be Code-compliant.

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The mirror simply hangs from keyhole slots in the back of the frame. Easily removed.

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