Fair compensation for wrong windows?

mileadayOctober 3, 2009

I ordered 5 new slider windows for my addition and stated which direction they should open.On my list of windows sizes I wrote the opening direction from the inside (which isn't how the manufacturer does it),but the guy who took the order wrote it correctly as looking from the exterior. I had previously ordered the same type of windows and asked that they use that order to match color, grids, type of glass, etc. I should add that this is not a big box store but one that deals mostly with local contractors (and doesn't seem to like women). I signed off on the paperwork but really only checked the size of the windows and made sure the grids and color were ok. Dumb me, I figured the pros who do the ordering would take care of the rest. I came home from a day at work to find the windows installed and opening in the opposite direction of what I wanted. It's not the biggest problem in the world but I wanted them to slide to the left because of air flow and operational issues. I don't want to have them ripped out and replaced but I do want to be compensated for the mistake which I feel was on their part. I returned to the store and was told that I hadn't specified direction and when I produced the paperwork showing that I had they became very defensive. They said they would check with the window co. to see if I could simply reverse the glass which I knew you couldn't. Days later they told me they couldn't get thru to the co. for 3 days - even tho I had spoken with a rep. the first day and had the answer in a few minutes. When I confronted them again, I was told there was a mis-communication. I said no there wasn't and once again produced the paperwork. Four days ago, I was told that they would see what they could do for me. The windows were approx. $250. each and I have given this store approx. $30,000. worth of my money in the past year. What would you accept as fair compensation?

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In my opinion, the windows work or they don't and a partial refund won't change that. Why compensation? Its like trying to punish someone. So I guess the answer is NONE, either they are fine or they are NOT. If NOT then out they go.

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Debbie 2008, Yes, the windows function but they are not what I ordered. By the time I realized the mistake, they had already been installed and the siding was ready to go within a few days. To have changed them would have been a major headache because it would have thrown everything off schedule - framing, plumbing, electrical - and I wasn't willing to do that. So, I will work with the windows as is but it was still a mistake on their part and they have admitted to it. You see it as punishment, I see it as accountability. So, what I was asking was what others would think would be a fair compensation.

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