vinyl vs fiberglass in Colorado

saramoOctober 28, 2010

I live at 6100 feet in Colorado and get a lot of sunshine. Most windows in the house face due east or due west, so the sun really gets hot and blasts in in the summer.

About to buy vinyl, but have now read problems with warping in high heat. Anybody have advice? I'm not sure if Colorado is considered a place with extreme temperatures, though we do have our share of pretty cold and pretty hot.

Which makes the most sense. I like the price of vinyl but don't like the warranties--none for warping or UV damage.

Thanks so much

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Just make sure you don't buy a cheap vinyl windows and get one with sash reinforcements. Plenty of people in Colorado have purchased vinyl windows and they have worked out well for them.

Fiberglass is a good choice too as long as you get a good quality window.

One last thing...Don't believe everything you read on the internet.

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skydawggy is right about the internet, I have never ran into an issue of vinyl windows warping. Fiber Glass is a great upgrade, and you can take advantage of more options depending on your needs. I would encourage you to also look at the design pressure ratings (DP Ratings)for whatever window lines that you choose. I do work in Colorado, and have come across instances of windows being placed in openings that they were not designed or tested for in some harsh Colorado exposures.

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