Gilkey Triple Pane Windows

mancave111October 22, 2010

We would like some opinions on the Gilkey triple pane windows??? We have heard that the triple pane is not needed and is a gimmick to spend more money?

The price we were given is for 21 windows installed plus a patio door, most are DH, which I prefer, 7 windows are to be gutted to stud and buckframed. Kitchen is a bump out style, 12 are with the grids. 1 is a T&T escape window in the basement. Depending on the type of gas the price is between $22,500 and $24,000.

After reading all the messages to the forum, this doesn't sound like a bad price for 21 windows....However I not sure if it is necessary to have the triple pane windows. Any opinions?????

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It depends on where you live.

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Sorry about that We live outside of Chicago....

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I think you should get a few more estimates so you cab compare other good quality windows and dealers. Triple pane with krypton gas can be advantageous if the price differential between it and a double pane isn't too great.

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Here is a good thread about Chicago window replacements.

Google Window4U and tell him that Eric sent you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chicago Window questions

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+1 on Sky's comments as well.

Triple is a great option depending on price and application.

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