Touch Service Wires?

monkeystomachApril 16, 2011

I know that after I turn off my main breaker that the two service wires are still hot.

In my panel box the service wires enter from the bottom and run along the right hand side all the way to the main breaker at the top.

What happens if I accidentally touch the service wire? It is not bare; it still has the black plastic around it.



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Ron Natalie

If you touch the insulation you'll be fine.
If you touch one of the conductors you will not be fine.

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Luckily while the service lines have a huge current available, they are still only 120 V to ground (and 240 V between them).

Just avoid nicking or damaging the insulation on them.

Shorting them out to ground is a REAL hazard.

The arc and flash can be huge.

Watch out that NOTHING (tools, other wires) contacts the bare conductors.

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I remember helping someone replace a panel before I had any electrical experience myself who 'knew what they were doing.' They just taped the entrance cables and said 'that will be good enough' and when he was jerking.. I am not joking jerking on the old box to get it off the entrance cable the tape came off. We had been standing in a dark utility room area of the basement which became lit like like 1,000 of them flashing firecrackers. He called and had the meter pulled after that event.

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