Patio doors purchased at lumber yard vs Box store?

jaesOctober 11, 2013

On forums, it is commonly stated that the quality of a patio door is better when purchase at a milwork/lumber yard vs a "big box store" such as Lowes or Home Depot.
I have decided to purchase an Anderson 400 series french patio door --- I was about to purchase it at my local milwork/lumber yard; however, I found out that a nearby "big box store" is having a 15% off sale on the same name brand and model (Anderson series 400).The 15% off amounts to $350 to $400! Question: Is an Anderson 400 series patio door the same exact door at the big box store as it is at my local millwork store (i.e., is the quality of construction the same)? NOTE: Instilation is not a factor; I have an excellent carpenter who is going to install the door no matter where I buy it. Need you input asap --the sale ends in 5 days. ---Jaes.

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It is the same.

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You will get a more knowledgeable sales person and probably better service pre and post sale at the local yard. Ask them if they will match the price. You might be surprised.

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+1 to both comments. It is the same product, but you'll likely get better service (certainly more informed) from the supply house.

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I liken the difference between the supply houses and the big box stores to the analogy of talking to a guy/gal about your car that is from Jiffy Lube vs. a full service mechanic's shop.

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First, thanks to all who took time to response to my question. Update: Beside the Anderson 400 french patio door, I 've decided to also purchase a 2 panel/lite unit (fixed), that matches the look and demensions of the 5' wide patio door unit This will provide an total 10' wide, 4 lite, vista view of the back yard. ---Now, the $ stakes have increased-- the saving, including sales tax, is $600+ ! ---As per your sugestion I will consider asking the local lumber yard to match the price; however, that seems like a somewhat nasty thing to do. --A local lumber yard probably can't match the big store-- even if they did, I would only be causing a strain in my relationship with the lumber yard (I need to do business with them in the future). ---So, (1) I am not walking away from $600+, (2) I don't want to bring tension into my lumber yard relationship---- I am thinking I might just, quietly, buy the units from the big store. --Make sense? ---Jaes.

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Unless you want the look of separate openings, you should simply purchase a 10" x 6'8" OXXO door. I am guessing on your height since you haven't said anything about that.
It would be easier to install and weather proof.

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