Is this seal failure in brand new Marvins?

dgmarieOctober 19, 2010

They finished installation last Thursday! Sunday I wake up to see this:

and this:

It was 72 in the house and about 50 outside. But this square shaped marking does not rub off. It isn't condensation. It is like a shadow in the window. You cannot see this when the sun changes position, but this does not look normal to me. We have Ultimate replacement casements with argon filled and low e coating.

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Check to see if the condensation is on the exterior of the glass. If so, it is the low e coating doing its job in keeping your home warm in the fall/winter and cool in the summer.
If it is between the panes, it is a seal failure.

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Check the exterior surface. Very normal to see that your new windows will have exterior condensation.

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There wasn't anything "wet" per se, but I took a clean paper towel and some water and wiped clean a square on the exterior. Today all the windows looked the same except where I had wiped it yesterday. Those spots were clear. It's very odd to me, as the towel was clean, and the spots look brown. I thought it might be dirt?

do all low e argon filled windows do this?? I came from thermal pane, no low e, no gas filled windows and they were cheap as all get out but they never made funny images on cold days.

The window company told me this will happen a few days a year when it is humid AND cold. It's been in the low 40's in the morning. Nothing colder.

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The windows need a good exterior cleaning. There is likely some film on the glass from the manufacturing and handling process that is making the dew appear a bit weirder than normal.

Clean the windows and the dew should be more uniform and without the color gradation.

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This is an indication that your windows are functioning as designed. Because the heat is being kept in your house better the temperature of the exterior pane of glass is cooler. When the sun comes up in the morning and warms the exterior pane of glass, condensation occurs briefly. This mainly occurs on east facing windows.

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Thank you Skydawggy

These are all, in fact, east facing windows!

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