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rosegarden3July 30, 2007

I bought this table and 4 chair set at a yard sale for $50.00. it is a very dark color and I would like to strip it and refinish it. the lady said that it was oak. I know that this will be a very big project but I would like a solid wood table and cannot afford to buy a new one, and I am ready for the challenge.

My questions are what stripper would you recommend, and what should I refinish it with? I would like it to be very light in color.

I have removed the table legs/pedestal so the table top is sitting on top of a bench.

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The fastest and easiest stripper is one containing Methylene Chloride. Luckily,this is 90% or more of the strippers you will find on the shelf. MC is heavy, so the usual rule is to lift the cans and buy the heaviest one. It is also one of the nastiest so use it with plenty of ventilation, preferably outside, and protection for your skin and eyes.

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I like Zip Strip. Have used it extensively on all sorts of things, even an antique radio case and it gives great results. As for the stain, you might try mixing stain colors to give you the look you want. In 30 years of staining wood, I've never used a stain right out of the can.

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I just stripped a kitchen door with strypeeze. You can buy it in a gallon can. I've used many different strippers in the past and strypeeze has always worked best for me. You can find it in any hardware store. Make sure you do the work outside if you can cause the stuff has strong fumes.

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I too, have always had good luck with Zip strip. I have stripped an oak table similar to yours and not used any stain, but just a satin poly or oil...depends on how and where it will be used. If you want it light anyway, the natural color should be just right. And, if it's that old dark stain, it should lift off easily.

Protect your skin, eyes and lungs - gloves, goggles and mask, and definitely outside or a wide open garage, etc.

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